My Weekend on the River

When I think of summertime in Texas quite a few things come to mind: 100+ temps, never having a good hair day (ugh, humidity!), mosquitoes, the beach, sunburns, sweat, third degree burns from your seatbelt, snow cones, crying when your A/C breaks, and floating the river.

In case you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, floating the river is classic Texan summer pastime. Someone, somewhere down the line in history decided that it would be a great idea to gather your friends, bring inflatable tubes (or rather, “toobs”), fill your ice chest with cold beer and float on down the river for the day! And to that person I say, “Thank you, you kind, beautiful soul.”

New Braunfels is a wonderful city established in 1845 by Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels, Germany. That’s right folks, lots of German influence in this city, the word Braunfels actually means “brown rock” in German. By 1850 it had become the fourth largest city in Texas, right behind Galveston, San Antonio, and Houston. Fast forward to present day, New Braunfels is still a thriving city and as of the 2010 census it has a population of 57,740 residents. It’s one of those cities that manages to feel like a big city and a small town all at once.

Instead of driving up early in the morning, using a toobin’ company, floating and driving back; my family actually rented a cabin for the weekend. Check out some of the photos below!

7 thoughts on “My Weekend on the River

  1. I loved reading this – it looks like it was a fun trip. Floating the river sounds a brilliant summertime thing to do but it might not work so well on the River Mersey near where I live in northern England! I have also lived in hot, humid places but most of the time I’m now in cool weather clothes and boots for a lot of the year – though we have had a good summer here this year. It’s fun to see and imagine a different kind of lifestyle – a great post for your travel blog.

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    • Admittedly, it was not the best day for us to float considering the cold front that had just rolled in. It was also raining, but sometimes you just take what you can get!


  2. Last time I went toobin’ in a river, there were rapids and it was scary. This looks like a better option. Especially with the ice chest (what we call a ‘cooler’ up here). There is a place where this is popular, in the canal that connects Okanagan Lake with Skaha Lake, on either side of Penticton, BC. I’ve never done it, because I don’t get up there often, and I get into a swimsuit even less often, but on a hot day, there’s a long lineup of people wanting to take the 30-minute float journey.


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