I Amsterdam

“A comfort zone is a really beautiful place where absolutely nothing gets done.”

My name is Laura and I am currently serving as and Office Coordinator/Kid Wrangler/Rule Enforcer at a small high school in Houston, TX.

I am a self-proclaimed Nomad-At-Heart. I believe that traveling and living with only what you can carry is a liberating experience. There is something profound about taking a moment to step back and get lost in a culture. It’s very difficult to find the exact words to describe that feeling.

I believe in self-love and self-expression.

I believe that positivity breeds success.

I am always striving to strengthen myself mentally, physically and spiritually.

I fight to always be true to myself and to never compromise. I hope that my writing encourages others to do the same.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. I found you through another Blogging 101 blog and decided I just have to follow ‘the musings of a twenty-something travel addict’ – because that tagline was me at that age (over 20 years ago now!) And not much has changed though I don’t travel as much as I did back then. I used TEFL as a way to travel and earn for several years in Southern Europe, South-East Asia and Australia – I never had a problem finding work but it may be harder now. A brilliant experience and I’ve never regretted spending my 20s that way. So I look forward to reading about how you make your travel dreams a reality.


    • Thank you for giving me a follow! I guess the biggest thing I struggle with is leaving my family behind. Which is silly, considering all the technology that is a available these days to keep in touch!


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